If you know what you want to say, but aren’t sure how to say it, I can help. I work well with clients who need a little extra help making sure their writing is grammatically correct, concise, and compelling. I’m also good at helping technical professionals who need to make their writing more easily understood by nontechnical readers and at helping people who do not speak English as their first language develop their marketing materials and website content.


As a professional writer, I am easy to work with, meet deadlines, and love learning. Before I decided to become a full-time writer, most of my work experience was in engineering related fields (aerospace and the electric utility industry). I also owned a profitable business in midtown Sacramento, which gives me a small business perspective. My strengths are clear, concise, targeted writing, people skills, and an ability to get up to speed quickly. I have solid experience in communications, advertising, and program planning.


My experience also includes writing articles for local publications, material for nonprofits, and blogs. I  recently published an astounding oral history about a couple who escaped from Poland during World War II, and am currently writing a book about elephant poaching.  Please take a look at my portfolio where you’ll see my work covers a range of writing from published articles to technical reports and white papers.



  • BA English, magna cum laude – California State University, Sacramento – 2002



Here's what I do best:


White papers - What is a white paper?

A white paper is a fact-driven document that contains useful information, expert opinions and clear logic. Originally targeted at engineers and technical staff, white papers are used as "under the radar" marketing tools.


A good white paper identifies a problem, discusses trends, proposes solutions without selling and suggests what to look for in a solution provider .  They are usually objective and educational, and run 6-12 pages long.  White papers are heavy on copy and light on graphics but often contain charts and diagrams and use a wide margin, double-space format.  They are also known as free reports, guides, special reports, papers and e-books.


When white papers are made available either in print form, via websites or e-mail, they are perceived as valuable and credible information that persuades readers to take action.  See the samples in my portfolio for an example.


  • Product descriptions
  • Research and write educational materials
  • Edit, polish and proofread material
  • Ghostwrite articles with your byline
  • Write text to go with graphic art
  • Create brochure content
  • Write copy for marketing, instructional or informational use
  • Translate technical information to make it accessible to the average reader
  • Write magazine profiles
  • Conduct and write interviews
  • Draft or rewrite website content



Jan 2002 - Present

I am a veteran writer with business experience in engineering-related industries, energy, the environment, legislative analysis and advertising/marketing. I work well with technical professionals to create copy that is easy to understand. I'm reliable, organized, love to write, and I catch on quickly. I'm also flexible and easy to work with.


May 1993 - Jan 1998


Topiary, Etc.

I built a profitable retail plant business specializing in custom topiary frames and taught classes through the Learning Exchange. It was hard work but a lot of pleasure. I worked with wedding planners and brides to design custom table ivy centerpieces for wedding receptions and managed all aspects of a small business: accounting, insurance, purchases, payroll and marketing.


Mar 1976 - Feb 1990

Advertising Administrator/Conservation program planning and implementation

Managed programs in residential and commercial. Wrote program plans, proposals, reports and marketing materials. As advertising administrator, managed all aspects of district's $5 million advertising contract with local agency from concept to printing.